Not to miss in Palma: have a llonguet

The beautiful capital city of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca, also happens to be our home. At BO Hotel we are lucky enough to have a great staff working hard every day to offer our clients the most comprehensive overview of everything Palma has to offer. The existence of our blog ‘city-lovers’ has always been the extra-way we have to show our clients and the world the cosmopolitan city Palma is.


This is why we have thought of a new way to present all kinds of activities, sightseeing and pretty much just special things to do when in Palma. Today we inaugurate our new section ‘not to miss in Palma’. And to start our list of musts in this city, we want to make sure you will not leave Palma without having a ‘llonguet’.

Not to miss in Palma


A ‘llonguet’ is an artisan Majorcan bread that has been produced in local bakeries for centuries. Even though the ingredients are the same as always (flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast), the great secret is in the way they are handled and mixed.




The ‘llonguet’ is an oval-shaped type of bread roll, with a unique texture. Traditionally, llonguets were the first to go in the oven; bakers tested the temperature with them and they also released moisture into the oven.


Llonguets are particularly good with tomato, olive oil and Majorcan cheese. You will find ‘llonguets’ at every traditional Majorcan bakery. But even though you’ll find llonguets at every bakery, we strongly recommend for you to visit some of the traditional Palmesan cafés and bars where you’ll get warm and cold variations of this delicious bread roll. Some of our favourite spots to try a llonguet are Bar Bosch, Bar Tony (Plaza Sta. Eulalia) , Bar Isleño (Santa Catalina) or Es Vaixell (Portitxol).





If you need some information about the city, where to find these bakeries and bars or any additional insider knowledge of Palma, please don’t hesitate to approach our team at the front desk, as we will be delighted to share some of our best tips with all of you!

Why Palma is the perfect winter get-away?

With Winter comes cold, which means we are up to long and warm evenings by the chimney, reading interesting books, having a glass of wine or enjoying a lovely hot chocolate while catching up on our favourite series. But today we are here to tell you why Palma could be the perfect winter get-away and why you will want to leave your comfy sofa behind to enjoy a perfect winter break!

Palma de Mallorca in Winter


We cannot say that it doesn’t get cold on the Balearic Islands, but what we have to say about Palma comes really close. If there is one thing that can win you over once you’ve been in Palma in winter is that the sun is always shining. We don’t know why, we don’t know how, but winter in Palma offers you some of the most beautiful days of the year. The temperatures do drop, but even after a rainy day or a storm, Palma manages to get the sun shining only a couple hours after.



But there is more to Palma than just a sunny promise. Over the past decade Palma has become a highly entertaining city. When the summer-season is over and the beaches are more of a spectacular scenario to take a walk than a large pool, Palma continues to be a lively city with tons of musical, cultural and gastronomic events taking place.



In winter, Palma hosts some of the most stunning classical musical festivals, new art exhibitions in its museums and countless art galleries and becomes the favourite spot for foodies all over Europe with cool tapas festivals, competitions and more. One thing is for sure: there will never be a dull moment when visiting Palma in the winter months.


In addition to cold, but sunny days and a comprehensive cultural agenda, during the holidays, Palma also transforms into a festive city, hosting beautiful Christmas markets and covering the streets with lights. All over the city you will be able to enjoy the traditional markets, where the Majorcan culture and tradition play a fundamental role.



Last, but not least, Palma is the perfect winter get-away because all of us at BO Hotel will be pleased to have you staying at our luxury boutique hotel in the city centre. With highly comfortable beds, beautiful views of the cathedral, a new and spectacular signature breakfast, high-end Italian gastronomy at Ritzi Palma and a friendly service waiting for you, we can assure you will have a spectacular winter break!

Christmas in Palma and in BO Hotel

Christmas is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. At BO Hotel we are fond of the festivities in general and Christmas is definitely our favourite festivity. It’s not only the lovely atmosphere at our hotel that makes us feel the unique Christmas-feeling, but also the beautiful city of Palma, which never seizes to surprise us during these dates.

Christmas in Palma


At the end of November the traditional ‘turn-on of the Christmas lights’ takes place 2 minutes away from BO Hotel, at Plaza de la Reina and that magical moment the whole city lights up with beautiful Christmas lights that make us remember all the lovely things Christmas is actually about.



Once the lights are on all over Palma, the city keeps getting more and more festive. In the centre traditional Christmas markets take over the most important streets, such as ‘Ramblas’ and ‘Plaza Mayor’. A big amount of little stalls filled with not only Christmas decoration, but also Majorcan pastries and artisan products. In addition to Christmas markets, fairs filled with attractions for children also take the streets adding the laughter of the little ones to the festive ambiance.


During the holidays, many important concerts take place in the capital city of the Balearic Islands too, such as the Christmas concert in Teatre Principal, located a 7-minute walk away from BO Hotel.



At BO Hotel we haver our very own Christmas celebration prepared for guests and visitors who are searching for a place to have a lovely Christmas lunch or dinner. On the 24th, 25th and 26th of December Ritzi Palma, the authentic Italian restaurant located in the ground floor of BO Hotel in the lively neighborhood of La Lonja, offers a superb Christmas menu elaborated with ingredients of the highest quality. At our restaurant we offer you a warm welcome, as we are looking forward to spending Christmas together.



And if you’re around Palma on Christmas, there is a highlight you shouldn’t miss: the ‘Gallo’ mass at the cathedral. Taking place on the 24th at midnight, this mass is the most important Christian celebration of the year and is as fascinating for Christians as for non-Christians.


If you would like to book your Christmas lunch or dinner at Ritzi Palma, please contact us at or call us at +34 971 712 738. We will be delighted to host a spectacular Christmas lunch or dinner in Palma’s old town for you!

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Art galleries in Palma de Mallorca

If there is one thing the island of Mallorca can be very proud of, is that it has all the ingredients to become an idyllic place to spend a holiday: nice weather all year around, a beautiful mountain range, stunning sea, exquisite gastronomy, authentic towns and villages and a wide range of activities to enjoy. But there’s more: the capital city of the Balearic Islands has also become one of the most a-vanguard cosmopolitan cities when it comes down to style, fashion, art and home décor. And today we would like to offer you a cultural itinerary to discover the most interesting art galleries in Palma, only meters away from the neighborhood of La Lonja, home to our smart city boutique hotel.


We will start this tour with the ‘Horrach Moya’ gallery, located at Plaça Drassana, only a couple steps away from La Lonja and BO Hotel. This well-known gallery has over 500 sqm and is a leading gallery offering international contemporary art.



Next stop: ‘Pelaires’. This gallery is one of the most famous galleries on Mallorca, as it actually is the gallery with the longest tradition in contemporary art in Spain. Without a doubt, a must-visit if you’re in Palma.



Another one of the art galleries in Palma we like to recommend our guests is the ‘Gerhardt Braun Gallery’, located in Calle Sant Feliu, also just a couple minutes away from BO Hotel. This gallery is focused on international well-known artists and also many rising talented painters from all over the world.



The paintings decorating Ritzi Palma’s and BO Hotel’s walls have been chosen from this gallery and are also on sale, in case you want to take a look at them while staying with us.


Finally, if you want to discover young local artists, you should go visit a gallery called ABA ART LAB, which you will find at Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina.



And just 2 minutes away from this cool gallery, you’ll find another small gallery called ‘Galería Maior’, which focuses on the promotion of contemporary art.



If you have the occasion to visit Palma during September, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to enjoy one of the most magical nights of the year: ‘Nit de l’Art’. On this very special evenings gallery, museums and art exhibitions play the leading role not only in actual galleries, but also in shops and all over Palma’s streets. Restaurants and bars play along with this wonderful initiative and open its doors until late to celebrate art in every possible way. Every Palma citizen and visitor takes over the streets to enjoy the most artistic night of the year.

Visiting the terraces at La Seu

Palma’s cathedral La Seu is not only one of the most beautiful cathedrals of European cities, but also famous for owning the largest rose window in the world, known as “the Gothic eye”. The construction of this cathedral began in the 13th century during the reign of James II (1276-1311).


At the start of the 20th century, the architect Antoni Gaudí adapted the Cathedral to meet new liturgical and pastoral requirements. The Cathedral brings together the last eight centuries of Majorca’s history, and continues to be a living and constantly evolving building.



Regarding the latest evolution of the building, we are pleased to say that the visits to the cathedral terrace’s have been reinstated a couple years ago. The Levantine Gothic-style cathedral (characterised by using a German-style hall layout) actually has one of Palma’s most spectacular rooftops, offering a wide and open view of Palma’s bay from Mallorca’s most emblematic building.



When enjoying one of these visits you will have a complete different perspective of the Cathedral and its surrounding area. You have to consider that it is 215 steps that separate us from the highest point of the temple.



On this tour you will not only be able to enjoy the views, but also some secret spots of the cathedral itself, such as the belfry, the terraces of the buttresses or the passage between the two towers of the main facade. One of the highlights, of course, is being able to appreciate the colours and design of Europe’s largest rose window from very short distance.



La Seu, Palma’s beautiful cathedral, is only a 5-minute walk away from BO Hotel, which is why we would very highly recommend this tour when staying at our luxury boutique hotel in Palma. If you would also like to visit the cathedral itself, please don’t hesitate to ask our team about visiting hours and days. We will be happy to help!


Visits to La Seu terrace can only be made in Summer / early Autumn until the 31st of October.

Visit the Marivent gardens in Palma

Palma offers a large amount of activities to enjoy the city and discover every one of the corners the capital city of the Balearic Islands hides. In addition to some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, Mallorca offers all kind of cultural activities, contemporary art exhibitions, gastronomic routes, open-air concerts and exclusive shopping, among others.


From BO Hotel we would like to recommend a different kind of activity while staying in Palma: spend a lovely afternoon getting to know the Marivent gardens. These are located inside the palace with the same name, Marivent Palace, which has a total surface of 9.155 square meters.



The Marivent Palace is the summer residency of the Royal Spanish Family and since the 2nd of May of 2016 its gardens have been open to the public, except the 15 days during Easter and from the 15th of July until the 15th of September. Its opening hours are from 9.00h to 20.hh from the 1st of May until the 30th of September and from 9.00h to 16.30h from October the 1st until April the 30th.


Visiting the royal family’s garden is free and has an approximate duration of 30 minutes. During your visit you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the garden, which you will find of high botanical interest, as there are over 40 different species, most of them native species which are all identifies with name shields below. In addition to several benches from where to soak up the beauty of the garden, the most impressive part of it are the 12 bronze sculptures donated by the family of Majorcan artist Joan Miró, adding special cultural value to everyone visiting the gardens of Marivent.



If you would like to get more information about visiting the Marivent gardens or about how to get from BO Hotel to the Marivent Palace, don’t hesitate to ask our front desk team, we will be pleased to help you.

Ritzi Palma, the authentic Italian restaurant in Palma’s old town

BO Hotel is located in the very heart of the city of Palma, concretely in the neighbourhood of Palma’s old town known as ‘La Lonja’. BO Hotel is a superior four-star boutique hotel designed for a cosmopolitan traveller interested in subjects such as culture, arte and, of course, gastronomy. This last matter was the starting point for one of the jewels you’ll find at BO Hotel: the Italian restaurant located on the hotel’s ground floor called Ritzi Palma.



On Ritzi Palma’s menu you will find a wide range of dishes finding their roots in the fusion of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.



The responsible of this fantastic flavour and tradition fusion is our Italian chef Giancarlo Mellone, who is capable of transmitting passion, pride and a huge talent in every single one of his creations, which amaze guests day after day.



Ritzi Palma offers from Vegetarian and Vegan dishes up to spectacular meat and fish dishes. And, of course, the kitchen team at Ritzi Palma is expert in the elaboration of the typical Italian gastronomic highlight: homemade pasta. You cannot leave Palma without trying our delicious pasta made in a Parmesan Wheel with truffle, one of the Ritzi Palma signature dishes, which will make you fall in love!



The perfect final note when visiting our restaurant in La Lonja is our dessert menu where you will find all kind of homemade sweet temptations, such as our dessert ‘extreme chocolate’.



All of our gastronomic creations are paired with the best wines, offering the ideal partnership to enjoy Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Our wine list offers Italian, French and, of course, Spanish wines.



You will also be able to enjoy Ritzi Palma in the ‘lunch menu’ format, because this Italian restaurant offers a superb lunch menu from Monday to Friday including three courses for 18€ (drinks not included). The most authentic Italian restaurant in Palma is open every day from 12.30h to 23.30h.

Cooking lessons in Palma, have fun in the kitchen!

Did you know that at BO Hotel we are lovers of fine cuisine? You will probably notice our passion for cooking and superb food at our hotel’s restaurant, Ritzi Palma. This authentic Italian restaurant where Mediterranean fresh ingredients are used by our talented kitchen team to amaze guests and visitors, is located in the ground floor of our luxury boutique hotel in Palma’s old town.


In addition to trying our delicious restaurant, we think it is always a good idea to learn new cooking techniques and discover the country’s gastronomy starting from its roots. That is why at BO Hotel we think that you could have a lot of fun when visiting Palma if you attend a cooking lesson.


The good new is that due to our location in Palma’s old town, you will be close to many lovely cooking academies and we are more than eager to recommend three places where you will have fun in the kitchen while staying at BO Hotel.

Lonja 18 Open Kitchen Mallorca


Only 1 minute away from BO Hotel you will find the open kitchen concept by Lonja 18, which is an inviting and cosy space to learn to cook Spanish dishes and many other kind of specialties. They offer practical cooking lessons where you will not only learn a lot about this beautiful island, but also improve your cooking technique notoriously. Among their cooking lessons you will find: ‘Spanish cooking’, ‘Paella party’, ‘Tapas & pintxos’, ‘Street food’, ‘Food market tour’, ‘Vegan cooking’ and ‘Local products tasting’. In addition to being a perfect place to learn, they also offer private chef for events and private dinners.




The Galley Club


Located in the quarter of Santa Catalina, which you can reach by a 8-minute walk from BO Hotel, The Galley Club is a cooking school specialized on teaching professional chefs for yachts. But in addition to their yachting service, they have lovely courses to improve your skills or learn how to cook local and international dishes.




With over 30 specialized lessons, they have very appealing options such as ‘Summer kids cooking course’, ‘Recipes for singles’, ‘Muffins workshop’, ‘Seafood workshop’, ‘Curries of the world’, ‘Cooking for guys’, ‘Children birthday party’ and many others.



Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy


You do not have to be vegan to appreciate this type of cuisine. For vegan and non-vegan, the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy is located inside the Olivar market, on its first floor. This cooking school was set up to train chefs, beginners and just about everyone eager to learn about how to elaborate and create amazing tasteful Vegan dishes. There are 3-hour, 1-week, 2-week and even online courses and they also elaborate and sell their own products to participants and visitors.


If you are staying or visiting Palma any time soon and you are looking to experience the Mediterranean gastronomy from the inside, you will find a lovely option at any of the three cooking schools we recommended.

Historical Palma

BO Hotel is located in the very heart of the beautiful city of Palma, more precisely in the neighbourhood known as La Lonja. In one of our recent post we recommended what to do and what not to miss in this neighbourhood that still preserves the typical Majorcan architecture of Palma’s old town.


But today we would like to talk to you about a very interesting and important area of this town, which you will be able by taking a nice walk from BO Hotel: we are talking about Palma’s city walls and Es Baluard.



Palma’s city walls are a set of towers and bastions united by a system of walls that used to protect the city of Palma. The Arabs who ruled the city finished the total construction of the wall in 1115. Its function was strictly military, but nowadays it has become an important tourist attraction for visitors.


From BO Hotel we would like to recommend a pleasant walk along the ‘maritime front’ of the walls, which is the only area of the city walls that continues to be completely preserved.



This route begins at the port and goes all the way to the Eastern end called ‘Es Baluard del Príncep’, where you will be able to enjoy the most stunning views of Palma: on one side you will be looking at the breath-taking city cathedral, La Seu; and, on the other side you will be looking at Palma’s bay and the city’s promenade.



Once you are at ‘Es Baluard del Príncep’, don’t hesitate to visit one of Mallorca’s cultural gems, the Museum of modern and contemporary art called ‘Es Baluard’. Inside this museum you will find paintings and artworks by Majorcan artists, by artists who are somehow connected to the island in addition to temporary exhibitions. You can find out about the different exhibitions at their website:



To wrap up a perfect day discovering Palma’s secrets, take a seat at the beautiful terrace at Es Baluard’s restaurant and have a cocktail to soak up the spectacular colours of the sunset.

The most exclusive suite in Palma

If you are planning on visiting Palma de Mallorca, BO Hotel is the city-hotel you were looking for. We love to be located in the city center, right in the charming neighbourhood called La Lonja. When we chose a building to become the home of BO Hotel we searched for two things: authenticity and location.


When you can relate to the feeling of enjoying the city from the inside, then you are a #citylover just like every member of our team. And even if the whole BO Hotel concept stands for luxury, comfort and citylife, there is one suite at our hotel that offers the most exclusive experience there is in Palma de Mallorca.



The ‘sky suite’ at BO Hotel is YOUR suite if you want to enjoy a luxury experience in the capital city of the Balearic Islands. With more than 40 square meters, this suite is fully equipped for two persons. And why is it the most exclusive suite in Palma? For starters: the view.



You will be able to keep an eye of the beautiful Majorcan cathedral La Seu from every corner of your suite. Lay down on your box-spring bed with its anti-vibration system and check out the cathedral by night (a true gem for the eye)! But not only the bed is the perfect place to spot the cathedral; the spacious bathroom with a big bathtub and two sinks also offers stunning views over La Seu.



But there are many other things that make the ‘sky suite’ the most exclusive suite in Palma de Mallorca. You will be able to enjoy a private 65 sqm rooftop terrace with your own jacuzzi, becoming your favorite place to forget about the routine and relax.



Other of the services at BO Hotel’s sky suite are: smart tv, free wifi, Illy coffee machine, shower with rain effect, Bose sound system with Bluetooth and a selection of amenities to offer you only the best.



If you are looking forward to enjoy the most exclusive side of Palma staying in the city center, don’t hesitate to book the sky suite at BO Hotel by clicking here.