3 shops you need to know in Palma’s old town

Shopping is, for sure, one of the favourite activities for everyone visiting Palma. This incredible city holds some of the most exclusive brands on the ‘Paseo del Borne’, also known as ‘golden mile’. But in addition to well-known designer brands, the city centre also holds spectacular shops you will absolutely fall in love with.


Three shops you need to visit in Palma’s old town


1. Rialto Living


The ultimate lifestyle store in Palma. Rialto Living has been leading the interior design scene in Palma for over 10 years. This 800m2 lifestyle concept store gathers interior design, fashion, art, gifts, books and accessories of all kinds.

Every item is chosen by the founders Karl & Barbara, who travel all over the world to bring the latest trends right into the city centre of Palma.


2. Sluiz Ibiza


Colours. That would be the main concept at Sluiz Ibiza, a magical store filled with inspiring interior design objects, furniture, and décor and fashion pieces. Located a couple minutes by foot away from BO Hotel, you’ll find the 600m2 city concept by Sluiz.

Different rooms, different spaces, different colours will get your attention immediately!


3. Gallery Red


Their description for their store is: ‘a place for the eyes and the mind, a creative lab where the coolest of lifestyle, art, design and fashion meet’. And we would have to agree with exactly what they say.

Visiting Gallery Red is feeling inspired. Go have a look at Plaza Chopin (Can Puigdorfilia, 4) and let us know what you think!

Boat Show in Palma de Mallorca

At BO Hotel we are lucky to be located in the very heart of Palma de Mallorca. Being surrounded by impressive architecture, centuries of history, a varied cultural program and exciting events happening all year, we offer our guests the ultimate local experience.

And one of the things we are constantly doing is looking to gather all the useful information for our guests to enjoy the vibrant city of Palma de Mallorca at its best. At the end of this month, Palma welcomes another edition of the International Boat Show, a world-class event that will take place only a couple steps away from BO Hotel.


Foto: Náutica y Yates

The 35th edition of the International Boat Show will take place from the 27th of April to the 1st of May this year and brings in big news: a 15% increased exhibition area. The figures of 2017 showed 19% more visitors than 2016, a 30.187 m2 exhibition area, 244 direct exhibitors, 600 boats exhibited, 220 boats on the water and 67 super yachts. And the 2018 figures already count on even better numbers, as there are already no more vacancies left for exhibitors. After months of marketing, all the available water and land spaces at the nautical fair are now taken. Taking place in the Moll Vell, located 5 minutes away from BO Hotel, the International Boat Show is organized by the IDI (Institut d’Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears) and BYBA (Balearic Yachts Broker Association).

Foto: Última Hora

One of the novelties at this edition is the direct participation of large shipbuilders, which are coming to Palma International Boat Show to present their new boat models, joining the large offer that has always characterised the Palma show.

The setting-up of the fair will begin at the start of April, fitting out the site, the berths and setting up the marquees. This year, there is the added difficulty of the construction of a large floating bridge of more than 70 metres in length that will permit a circular route and optimise the exhibition spaces even further.

Featured image: IndependenceYachts

La Lonja: home to Abaco Bar, Jazz Voyeur and BO Hotel

BO Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel located in the lively neighborhood of La Lonja, right in the heart of Palma’s old town. The capital city of the Balearic Islands is known for being a vibrant city filled with shops, bookstores, art galleries, cool hotels and superb restaurant. Its centre, and even more precisely its old town, attracts hundreds of visitors every day. In Palma’s old town tradition and history are to be seen at every corner, as the architecture shows the story hidden behind this beautiful city.


La Lonja, home to BO Hotel, was born around the La Lonja building, a historical building which continues to be one of Palma’s meeting points. The five pedestrian streets surrounding the building are known for offering a bohemian and fun atmosphere, filled with little bars and restaurants of high-standards, including Ritzi Palma, the authentic Italian restaurant you’ll find at the ground floor of BO Hotel.


This neighborhood is also home to two of the most well known bars in Palma, which are an absolute must-visit for a fun night out.

Abaco Bar in Palma


The Bar ‘Abaco’ welcomes guests in a unique courtyard decorated with a high amount of flowers, plants, fruits, fountains and even little statues. Behind old doors, this bar steps back in time to an area of opulence, being one of Mallorca’s most unusual bars serving some of the best cocktails in town.

la lonja bo hotel palma abaco

Jazz Voyeur Club in Palma


Located inside a 16th century mansion, the Jazz Voyeur Club in La Lonja opened 11 years ago. Based on the musical style of jazz, this club offers live performances every weekend, including music, photography and audio-visual projects. With a unique atmosphere of intimacy and tons of fun music, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a great drink with friends.


la lonja bo hotel palma jazz voyeur


Both, Abaco Bar and Jazz Voyeur Club, are only a few steps away from BO Hotel, so we will be more than pleased to give you directions to get there to enjoy a fun night out in La Lonja, Palma!

Not to miss in Palma: Paseo Marítimo (Palma’s promenade)

Palma is the capital city of the Balearic Islands and it is a popular destination for travelers looking to combine lovely weather, white-sand beaches and a lively cultural and superb gastronomic offer. Perfect for every age and taste, Palma has something to offer to everyone. But today we would like to continue our work on the section ‘not to miss in Palma’ by recommending a walk at Palma’s promenade known as Paseo Marítimo.


Paseo Marítimo in Palma


Considered a privileged balcony over the Mediterranean, Paseo Marítimo is a wide Street parallel to the sea, starting at the fishing port, continuing by the commercial area of the port and finishing in the military area of the port. The 4-kilometers offer an idyllic backdrop for a long walk or cycling day. From the Paseo Marítimo it is possible to admire many of the most emblematic buildings of Palma such as the Cathedral, the Almudaina and the Bellver Castle.


not to miss palma bo hotel maritimo


BO Hotel, located in the bohemian neighborhood of La Lonja, is only 3 minutes away from the bayside promenade. Staying at our luxury boutique hotel in Palma’s old town you will be able to enjoy the stunning views and fresh breeze every day.


not to miss palma maritimo bo hotel


The commercial area of the port houses first-class restaurants and some boutiques, known as ‘Moll Vell’. It is the perfect spot to enjoy some luxury shopping and wrap it up with a delicious cocktail overlooking the Mediterranean Sea before coming back to BO Hotel and enjoying a superb Italian dinner at our restaurant Ritzi Palma.

How to get from the airport to Palma’s centre

from the airport to palma mallorca bo hotel la lonja

Many of our guests have often asked us about the best way to get from Palma’s airport to the city centre. And as we find this information to be very useful for everyone staying at BO Hotel and also for everyone traveling to Mallorca soon, we are happy to share the easiest and quickest way to get from Mallorca’s airport to the city centre in Palma.

The best way to get from Palma’s airport to the city centre


First option: Taxi / Cab. As soon as you land in Palma’s airport and get outside the entrance hall, you will see a sign of a TAXI, which you need to follow to stand on the line of travelers waiting for taxis. As the airport is only 15 minutes away from the city centre, the taxi won’t take long and won’t be expensive. You will spend about 20€ to 25€ depending on the amount of bags you have with you and will get to the city centre in no time.


from the airport to palma bo hotel


Second option: Bus. The public transportation in Palma is efficient and quick and there is a bus going from the airport to the city centre from early in the morning until late in the night. The bus (number 1) costs 5€ per person and kids under 5 years travel for free. It leaves the airport every 15 minutes and takes about 30-40 minutes to get to the city centre (Plaza España).


from the airport to palma bo hotel la lonja


Third option: Transfer. There are many private companies providing transfer services for every traveller landing in Palma’s airport. It assures you direct transportation to your hotel and there are both, private and shared transfers available. Normally transfers are minibuses with professional drivers, who will be waiting for you at the meeting-point. Many hotels provide specific transfer services, which is why if you’re thinking about this option the best is to contact us at booking@bohotel.com to offer you the best transfer company to get you from the airport to Palma’s city centre, more concretely our hotel, located in Palma’s bohemian neighbourhood of La Lonja.


Last, but not least, there is always the option of renting a car. Many companies are located right inside the airport to offer you their wide range of cars of all sizes and types. But if you are looking to discover the city centre from its inside, we don’t recommend renting a car, as parking is highly difficult and expensive in Palma’s city centre. It is much better to explore Palma’s old town by foot and maybe rent a car for one or two days when you decide to visit the rest of Mallorca while staying with us at BO Hotel.


We will be happy to assist you when choosing the perfect transportation from the airport to Palma’s city centre!

New fashion brands opening in Palma

Palma is a cosmopolitan, modern and lively city that we are lucky enough to call our home. With a wide range of cultural, sports, shopping and leisure activities, this city seems to be moving faster day by day. And as BO Hotel is located in the most beautiful part of the city, its old town, we are always the first to know when something new is happening in Palma.


In the past years Palma de Mallorca has drawn the attention of many well-known designers and brands, as it has also been becoming an exciting shopping destination for people all over Europe. And during the past months we have welcomed three new brands which we would love to highlight, as they meet the standards and taste of all of us at BO Hotel.


New brands opening in Palma



Sandro: this brand is part of the French group in charge of Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot, Sandro opened its doors in Palma last October. The first Sandro shop in the island is located on the corner of Jaime III and Paseo del Borne, where Loewe used to stand. With 300 sqm and two floors, this shop has become a must for everyone shopping in Palma’s centre.



Pic: Fashion Network



Jorge Vázquez:
this Spanish designer has started this year strong. His shop in Palma is the third he opens in Spain, coming after the openings one shop in Madrid and another in A Coruña. Taking over the free space left by Angel Schlesser in Calle Nicolás, the women clothing line has a 100 sqm space right next to some of our favourite shops in Palma, like Essentiel or Patrizia Pepe.





Castañer: for many years Castañer has been a shoe brand known by everybody. This is due to its elegant models, its constant innovation, its quality and the clear understanding this brand has of the modern woman and man.




Even though this brand already had selling points in Palma, recently the shoe brand opened its own store at Calle Unión number 8. Ideal!


Not to miss in Palma: get lost in Palma’s old town

You cannot imagine how much we enjoy thinking about the next ‘not to miss in Palma’ we suggest our readers, friends and guests. It is hard to stay still and only share one or two per month, as we feel that there are so many things we could recommend about doing, seeing and / or enjoying during your stay in Palma. So today we have thought of something that is actually very easy to do, but is not always on a list of sightseeing in Palma.

Not to miss in Palma: get lost in Palma’s old town

BO Hotel is located in La Lonja, a beautiful, little and Bohemian neighbourhood in the heart of Palma’s old town. La Lonja is actually a neighbourhood consisting of no more than 10 cobbled streets with a main attraction, which is the La Lonja building. But Palma’s old town has more to offer than this emblematic neighbourhood and this is why we would love for you to take one morning or afternoon to just get lost in the little streets of Palma’s old town.



Once you get started you will see that there are many pedestrian streets you can explore, combined with regular streets that will guide you all around this part of the city. Old manors and amazing architecture will catch your eye while you walk with no clear destination and you will be able to imagine the city’s life in the past centuries. Many of the old little palaces and manors still have their interior courtyards (known as ‘patios’), giving many spots a unique and special charm.


Moving around Plaza Mercat and in direction to Plaza Cort, many modernist buildings will also catch your attention, as Gaudi’s footprint is easy to see around Palma.



Another thing that will amaze you are some little hidden alleys with stairs connecting important streets with one-another and offering even more secrets to unveil while exploring Palma’s city centre. All around little (and not so little) shops await offering Majorcan and international clothing, gourmet products and much more. If you decide to follow our advice and get lost in Palma’s old town, you will enjoy a relaxing tour combining culture, history, shopping, architecture and a city with a story that is dying to be understood and told in hundred of different ways.


As usual, the BO Hotel front-desk team will be happy to give you some directions regarding where to go to and is ready to give you all the answers you were looking for about this magical city called Palma!

Why luxury boutique hotels are the perfect way to explore a city?

Whenever you are visiting an interesting city it has become more and more popular the choose smart boutique city hotels over large complexes. At BO Hotel we would love to tell you why a luxury boutique hotel like BO Hotel is just the perfect place to discover and enjoy the city in the most authentic way possible!


When visiting BO Hotel you need to know that we are city-lovers. We do want you to have a luxury vacation where you will be pampered from sunrise to sunset, but we also think that luxury also is getting to know the city you are visiting from the inside, from its heart. So the first thing to take into account when choosing to visit a city is the location of the hotel you’re staying at.



BO Hotel is located in the lively neighbourhood of La Lonja, in Palma’s old town, offering you a unique insider view and position when it comes down to unveiling the secrets of the beautiful town. But not only does location play a fundamental role when choosing your holiday destination, but also the philosophy behind the concept of the hotel you chose. At BO Hotel we put our clients first. YOU deserve to be taken care of, to relax, to focus on yourself and to recharge while on a vacation, which is why even being a boutique hotel, we do offer all services, facilities and items you would hope for when booking a luxury holiday.



One thing is for sure: you will be extremely confortable at BO Hotel and we will make sure you have everything you were wishing for.


Last, but not least, at BO Hotel we put all our insider knowledge at your disposal and you will get a real sense of what Palma is like, what it has to offer and how to make the most of it no matter if you’re here for a weekend or more than a week. We are ready to have you at our luxury boutique hotel in Palma’s old town!

Not to miss in Palma: dine at a local market

At BO Hotel, as you already know, we love to give you our tips of what to do in this beautiful city called Palma. Last month we inaugurated our new section ‘Not to miss in Palma’ and now we are continuing with it by giving you another lovely insider tip of what not to miss when visiting the capital city of the Balearic Islands and staying at our luxury boutique hotel in Palma’s old town.


Today we would love to recommend you to visit and dine at a local market in Palma. All over the island there are local farmer markets taking place once or twice a week. But in Palma’s capital city there are also another version of markets which are great to be visited by foodies looking to have an authentic Majorcan dining experience.


There are two of Palma’s markets to dine at that we would recommend to you for your Palma visit: Mercat 1930 and Mercado Gastronómico de San Juan.

Gourmet markets in Palma de Mallorca


Mercat 1930 in Palma: The newest addition to Palma’s gastronomic scene, Mercat 1930, is located on Palma’s ‘Paseo Marítimo’ (promenade) and opens every day starting at 12:00. Inside you will find thirteen stalls specialized in different type of foods.


Mercat 1930
Foto: http://mallorca-crocodiles.com


Roasted meat, oysters & sea-food, Italian specials, burgers, omelettes & eggs, sushi, Andalusian specialties, croquettes & battered, Iberian sausages and cheeses, pintxos & tapas, Thai innovative, healthy food & drinks, worldwide beer, long drinks & cocktails and vermut & delicatessen canned food are able to win over every visitor, who can combine the different specialties of the market sitting at one of the high tables inside or on the big terrace in warm Summer nights.


Mercat 1930


Mercado Gastronómico de San Juan in Palma: located in a modernist building protected from the cultural and commercial center of S’Escorxador, the San Juan Gastronomic Market combines different spaces that can be enjoyed from Monday to Sunday, from noon to 12 at night and until 4 am on weekends. 16 different stalls offer all kinds of specialties such as meat, Japanese cuisine, croquettes and batterings, ‘fideuá’, fried food and fish, burgers, eggs, ham & cold cuts, Majorcan cuisine, Oysters and seafood, pintxos and tapas, pasta & pizza, Thai, Vermuts + Spanigh omelettes, Vietnamese food or beer. In addition to the spectacular food, at San Juan they also host cooking courses and organize lovely events which you can attend to when staying tuned on their Facebook page.


Mercado Gastronómico de San Juan


If you would need information about how to get to one of these markets from BO Hotel, please stop by our front desk and our team will be happy to provide the easiest route or call a taxi for you to take you!

Jewellery made in Mallorca

Mallorca is known all over Europe for being a breath-taking Mediterranean island with a spectacular natural scenery including kilometre long white beaches, a stunning mountain range, lovely little towns and villages and a lively capital city.


But, as usual, there is more to it than meets the eye and there are a lot of things about Mallorca that you probably didn’t know.


One of the best-kept secrets on the island is the fact that you can buy luxurious jewellery made right here, in Mallorca. For years many talented designers have been honouring the tradition and history of Mallorca by creating unique pieces of jewellery.

Jewellery made in Mallorca


One of the very first designers to get Mallorca on the actual radar was and continues to be Isabel Guarch. For this jewellery designer, the spirit and history of the Mediterranean is an essential and continuous source of inspiration. Her yearly collections and line of fine jewellery reveal a sense of Majorcan culture and lifestyle that is rooted in the beauty of the Balearics and its surroundings, such as the energy and warmth of the sun which is reflected in the gold used in many of their pieces.


Isabel Guarch


Jouells is one of the newest Majorcan jewellery brands. It’s not only the spectacular design of their jewels winning over hearts all over the island, but also the fact that María José Castellví, the designer behind the brand, has decided to recover the antique ‘botón mallorquín’ only to create tow spectacular collections ‘antique’ and ‘new antique’ and to reconnect the public with this vintage-looking kind of jewellery pieces.




Last, but not least, in our list of Majorcan authentic jewellery we would love for you to discover ‘La Morenita’. La Morenita’s proposal is to create high jewellery collections that are both timeless and include permanent pieces, as well as an avant-garde line. These collections feature styles ranging from the urban to the romantic and elegant. Unique accessories and add-ons are sometimes worked into the designs; maybe using found pieces that she came across at antiques fairs, flea markets or inside an old trunk. The creations are one-of-a-kind, and the designer, Alma López, personally oversees every item.


La Morenita