Not to miss in Palma: get lost in Palma’s old town

You cannot imagine how much we enjoy thinking about the next ‘not to miss in Palma’ we suggest our readers, friends and guests. It is hard to stay still and only share one or two per month, as we feel that there are so many things we could recommend about doing, seeing and / or enjoying during your stay in Palma. So today we have thought of something that is actually very easy to do, but is not always on a list of sightseeing in Palma.

Not to miss in Palma: get lost in Palma’s old town

BO Hotel is located in La Lonja, a beautiful, little and Bohemian neighbourhood in the heart of Palma’s old town. La Lonja is actually a neighbourhood consisting of no more than 10 cobbled streets with a main attraction, which is the La Lonja building. But Palma’s old town has more to offer than this emblematic neighbourhood and this is why we would love for you to take one morning or afternoon to just get lost in the little streets of Palma’s old town.



Once you get started you will see that there are many pedestrian streets you can explore, combined with regular streets that will guide you all around this part of the city. Old manors and amazing architecture will catch your eye while you walk with no clear destination and you will be able to imagine the city’s life in the past centuries. Many of the old little palaces and manors still have their interior courtyards (known as ‘patios’), giving many spots a unique and special charm.


Moving around Plaza Mercat and in direction to Plaza Cort, many modernist buildings will also catch your attention, as Gaudi’s footprint is easy to see around Palma.



Another thing that will amaze you are some little hidden alleys with stairs connecting important streets with one-another and offering even more secrets to unveil while exploring Palma’s city centre. All around little (and not so little) shops await offering Majorcan and international clothing, gourmet products and much more. If you decide to follow our advice and get lost in Palma’s old town, you will enjoy a relaxing tour combining culture, history, shopping, architecture and a city with a story that is dying to be understood and told in hundred of different ways.


As usual, the BO Hotel front-desk team will be happy to give you some directions regarding where to go to and is ready to give you all the answers you were looking for about this magical city called Palma!