Not to miss in Palma: dine at a local market

At BO Hotel, as you already know, we love to give you our tips of what to do in this beautiful city called Palma. Last month we inaugurated our new section ‘Not to miss in Palma’ and now we are continuing with it by giving you another lovely insider tip of what not to miss when visiting the capital city of the Balearic Islands and staying at our luxury boutique hotel in Palma’s old town.


Today we would love to recommend you to visit and dine at a local market in Palma. All over the island there are local farmer markets taking place once or twice a week. But in Palma’s capital city there are also another version of markets which are great to be visited by foodies looking to have an authentic Majorcan dining experience.


There are two of Palma’s markets to dine at that we would recommend to you for your Palma visit: Mercat 1930 and Mercado Gastronómico de San Juan.

Gourmet markets in Palma de Mallorca


Mercat 1930 in Palma: The newest addition to Palma’s gastronomic scene, Mercat 1930, is located on Palma’s ‘Paseo Marítimo’ (promenade) and opens every day starting at 12:00. Inside you will find thirteen stalls specialized in different type of foods.


Mercat 1930


Roasted meat, oysters & sea-food, Italian specials, burgers, omelettes & eggs, sushi, Andalusian specialties, croquettes & battered, Iberian sausages and cheeses, pintxos & tapas, Thai innovative, healthy food & drinks, worldwide beer, long drinks & cocktails and vermut & delicatessen canned food are able to win over every visitor, who can combine the different specialties of the market sitting at one of the high tables inside or on the big terrace in warm Summer nights.


Mercat 1930


Mercado Gastronómico de San Juan in Palma: located in a modernist building protected from the cultural and commercial center of S’Escorxador, the San Juan Gastronomic Market combines different spaces that can be enjoyed from Monday to Sunday, from noon to 12 at night and until 4 am on weekends. 16 different stalls offer all kinds of specialties such as meat, Japanese cuisine, croquettes and batterings, ‘fideuá’, fried food and fish, burgers, eggs, ham & cold cuts, Majorcan cuisine, Oysters and seafood, pintxos and tapas, pasta & pizza, Thai, Vermuts + Spanigh omelettes, Vietnamese food or beer. In addition to the spectacular food, at San Juan they also host cooking courses and organize lovely events which you can attend to when staying tuned on their Facebook page.


Mercado Gastronómico de San Juan


If you would need information about how to get to one of these markets from BO Hotel, please stop by our front desk and our team will be happy to provide the easiest route or call a taxi for you to take you!