New signature breakfast at BO Hotel

At BO Hotel we are constantly looking for new ways to make your stay as magical and luxurious as we possibly can. Staying at our hotel means to pause your daily rountine and be able to be pampered by our staff and enjoy our facilities.

And one of the things we aim for is for you to kick off your day the best way possible. That is why we have introduced a new and spectacular ‘signature breakfast’ at BO Hotel. This breakfast is a new way to look at a bright morning and say: I’m on holidays, I deserve this!

The experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is why the kitchen team at BO Hotel has prepared a complete gourmet breakfast for you to be able to leave the hotel after having breakfast and not having to worry about stopping for a quick bite on your way to discover the city.

The ‘signature breakfast’ by BO Hotel includes a basket of pastry and a baskef of bread where you’ll find mini-ensaimadas, whole wheat bread, croissants and baguette.

This authentic buffet goes on with natural yogurt with fruit sauce, a fruit platter and all kinds of delicious toppings for your bread: butter, honey, 3 types of marmelades and cheese and cold cuts platter.

Continuing with your complete breakfast at BO Hotel you’ll find the superfood of the day, BO müsli, natural milk, fresh orange juice, superfood smoothie of the day and, of course, coffee or tea. The BO breakfast wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t ask for your favorite eggs: boiled, scrambled or fried with or without bacon.

There’s two ways to enjoy the signature breakfast at BO Hotel: one is just booking the complete breakfast for 19.50€ p.p and the other is to order your dishes of choice with individual prices listed on our menu. Non-hotel guests are also very welcome to enjoy a different-kind-of-morning at BO Hotel.

Shopping in Palma

When visiting Palma and staying with us at BO Hotel, you will definetely enjoy a luxury experience at our hotel and get to know Palma just like it is: magical, fun, elegant and charming. One of the benefits of staying at BO Hotel is that you will be staying in the very heart of the city, just in the bohemian neighbourhood of La Lonja and only a few steps away from Paseo del Borne.

It is exactly the Passeig des Borne which has become the luxury shopping epicentre in Palma. This afternoon we would like to invite you to take a walk and immerse yourself in the most exclusive shops only a few steps away from BO Hotel.

1. Louis Vuitton

It was 2010 when the world-famous brand Louis Vuitton decided to open its first store in Palma.

The histroic Can Alomar building, at Passeig des Borne, houses the pretigious firm that day after day gets houndred of visitors who enjoy the spectacular mix of history and modern luxury present in every Louis Vuitton products.

2. Carolina Herrera

A luxury shopping mile could not lack this prestigious brand of high-fashion directed by the fashion icon Carolina Herrera, who has been showing excellent taste since her first collection showcased in New York in 1981. With men and women clothing, the Carolina Herrera shop in Palma is a must-visit for fashion lovers.

3. Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss shop in Palma is located right beside Carolina Herrera’s shop on number 2 of Passeig des Borne. Sophistication and impecable elegance are shown in every design of this German brand, which continues to show year by year and collectio by collection that this is one of the most important fashion brands of our times.

4. Tous

Another one of the shops you will find at Passeig des Borne in Palma is ‘Tous’. This Spanish jewelry that defines itself like ‘an affordable luxury lifestyle is one of the all-time favorites for those who live and visit Palma. Her elegant and yet modern designs date from 1920, but their world-famous ‘Tous’ bear didn’t make its appearance in 1985 only to become the brand’s icon until today.

5. Relojería Alemana

With over 135 years of history and several generations behind the world-famous brand, the Fuster family has converted Relojería Alemana in a leader compnay for unique and exclusive jewellery pieces and watches.

Working with brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Cartier, this shop is located just beside Louis Vuitton at the prestigious Paseo del Borne, also known as ‘the Golden mile’.

6. Loewe

Just where the Passeig des Borne ends and Jaime III starts you’ll find Loewe. This Spanish luxury accesories and fashion brand has become a referent of good taste over the past decades.

The elegance, luxury and exclusive look that brought this brand to be the official provider of the Royal Family in 1905 continues to be present in each one of their designs.

Have a fancy drink in Palma

As you already know we are #citylovers. Being located right in the beautiful and lively neighborhood of La Lonja it is very difficult not to be one. This city has a unique and special charm that continues to amaze us at BO Hotel day by day.

And all we want to achieve is offer you the Palma we love, the Palma we know and the Palma that makes us fall in love every day. So today we will give you three tips to enjoy a fancy drink around BO Hotel for you to soak up the amazing vibes this cirty blesses us with.

Dress up, walk out the reception at BO Hotel and head to:

1. Ritzino Bar, La Lonja

There’s no place you’ll find as spectacular cocktails as the Ritzino Bar. In addition to being located right across the street from BO Hotel, Ritzino Bar has become the meeting point for every #cocktaillover there is in town.

Cristopher Di Gioia is the brilliant barman behind every creative cocktail you’ll find at Ritzino Bar. In addition to a wide range of classic, modern and contemporary signature cocktails, Ritzino Bar also offers a nice selection of freshly made Italian and Mediterranean tapas.

2. Abaco Bar, La Lonja
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Less than a minute by foot away from BO Hotel you’ll find Bar Abaco. As son as you put one foot on this bar, you’ll feel like you suddenly got lost in another era. Back in the days when opluence and grandeur were what mattered the most, Abaco is one of Mallorca’s most famous and yet unusual bars. The bar is covered with fruits and flowers and has a very magical and unique romantic atmosphere. Loud classical music and tons of candlelights add to this rare ambience to get lost for a couple hours and enjoy a drink indoors or outside in the enclosed courtyard.

3. Bar Cuba, Santa Catalina

Going back to this era, we recommend you to visit Bar Cuba in Santa Catalina. Located in a colonial building this is a cafe, bar and club and definitely worth a visit. The sky bar is on the rooftop and is open during the afternoon, which makes it the perfect moment of the day to enjoy a cocktail with lovely views.

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We hope you enjoy your visits to the three bars in Palma we are recommeding and will be more than happy to hear about your experience afterwards!

The perfect day at BO Hotel

Once we welcome you at BO Hotel we want you to sit back and just let us do what we do best: pamper every one of our guests. Comfort, luxury lifestyle and experiencing the city just like it is are the starting points at BO Hotel and we want you to get the best out of your vacation in Palma de Mallorca when staying at our 4-star hotel in Palma’s well-known neighbourhood La Lonja.

As soon as you’re checked in we will do everything we possibly can to live up to your expectations and more. To do so we cordially invite you to make good use of our facilities and want to recommend how a perfect day at BO Hotel would play out.

It all starts with the spectacular breakfast buffet. Fresh fruit, all-kind of warm dishes and eggs, a great variety of bread and pastries and some Majorcan products will make you kick off your day filled with energy.

Next stop for your perfect day at this city hotel is heading directly to the roof terrace. Lay down on our comfortable sun beds and soak up the sun with views all over Palma’s old town. If it starts getting too hot you can always jump into the pool or let our team bring up some drinks.

After the lovely pool-time you have spent on our rooftop right in the center of Palma and stopping by your room quickly, a spectacular Italian dinner awaits in the hotel’s restaurant, Ritzi Palma. At Ritzi Palma head-chef Giancarlo Mellone spoils you with the finest of Mediterranean cuisine and every dish is an experience for your senses and will remain in your memory.

The afternoon is for you to really concentrate on yourself and let the wellness team offer you the treatments you deserve.

Once you’re completely relaxed and you have taken a shower at the spacious bathrooms in your room at BO Hotel, you will leave the lobby only to find Ritzino Bar right across the street. Ritzino offers the best cocktails in town in addition to freshly cooked Italian and Mediterranean tapas.

From there we’ll leave it in your hands. Go discover La Lonja by night, experience Palma and become a #citylover too!

La Lonja

As you probably already know, BO Hotel is located right in the well-known ‘La Lonja’ neighbourhood. This is one of Palma’s most emblematic neighbourhoods because of its history, its location and its lively city life.


Today we would like to tell you how it all started, as this neighborhood was named after the building known as ‘La Lonja’. La Lonja or ‘Sa Llotja’ is one of the architectural Gothic master pieces standing in Mallorca. Mallorca’s merchant association commissioned the architect and sculptor Guillem Sagrera to design this public building back in 1426. The aim, apart from covering the everyday needs for selling and purchasing products, was to ennoble the merchant profession.



Therefore a large “lonja” or exchange/auction warehouse was needed; it was adorned with many statues, of saints and angels as well as striking architectonic features. It is a rectangular building with one single space, which is divided into twelve naves through peculiar columns with no base or capital. The shafts of the pillars rise up to the ceiling shaping the ribs of the vaults.


Pic by: tripkay


The building has been preserved and restored over the years only to become one of the most beautiful must-visit spots in town. Today, Palma de Mallorca’s La Lonja is the venue for contemporary art exhibitions. The streets surrounding the building have a very special and unique charm which was the first thing dragging our attention at BO Hotel. The very same building our hotel is located in was built in the 19th century combining its architecture with surroundings and living up to the impressive beauty of La Lonja. La Lonja is in a 30-seconds-walking distance away from BO Hotel, so go and have a look as soon as you’re strolling through the cobbled streets of our neighbourhood, as you will find its architecture to be truly imposing.



Become a #citylover, ask us for advice, discover the city and let us take care of the rest. You’re at #BoHotel!