La Lonja

As you probably already know, BO Hotel is located right in the well-known ‘La Lonja’ neighbourhood. This is one of Palma’s most emblematic neighbourhoods because of its history, its location and its lively city life.


Today we would like to tell you how it all started, as this neighborhood was named after the building known as ‘La Lonja’. La Lonja or ‘Sa Llotja’ is one of the architectural Gothic master pieces standing in Mallorca. Mallorca’s merchant association commissioned the architect and sculptor Guillem Sagrera to design this public building back in 1426. The aim, apart from covering the everyday needs for selling and purchasing products, was to ennoble the merchant profession.



Therefore a large “lonja” or exchange/auction warehouse was needed; it was adorned with many statues, of saints and angels as well as striking architectonic features. It is a rectangular building with one single space, which is divided into twelve naves through peculiar columns with no base or capital. The shafts of the pillars rise up to the ceiling shaping the ribs of the vaults.


Pic by: tripkay


The building has been preserved and restored over the years only to become one of the most beautiful must-visit spots in town. Today, Palma de Mallorca’s La Lonja is the venue for contemporary art exhibitions. The streets surrounding the building have a very special and unique charm which was the first thing dragging our attention at BO Hotel. The very same building our hotel is located in was built in the 19th century combining its architecture with surroundings and living up to the impressive beauty of La Lonja. La Lonja is in a 30-seconds-walking distance away from BO Hotel, so go and have a look as soon as you’re strolling through the cobbled streets of our neighbourhood, as you will find its architecture to be truly imposing.



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